Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Lower Class Doesn't Care About this Blog

One of the things that I have learned about finances, is that some sources of information that some take for granite is not as easily accessible to other folks. I should note that, as the internet grows ever-so-closer to saturation, information is becoming more and more accessible to everyone. But until we've reached that plateau, our general source for guidance comes from our parents. 9 times out of 10, people generate the same or similar lifestyle as to the life that their parents maintained. A student usually births students. Millionaires usually birth millionaires. Low class individuals usually birth low class children. People, with the lack of exchangeable guidance, will, for the most part, follow in their parent's footsteps. This fact cannot be challenged. When it comes to finances, there are basic rules that are prevalent in the affluent that the poor or middle class are not privy to. People are not informed of the basic financial guidelines in school (not even at the highest levels). Without being exposed to these laws, many people find themselves in economic turmoil, expressing the same traits they share with their parents.

I'd be a fool to argue against the fact that people become exactly what they choose to become. I can't change their minds. I've learned that this is just how life is. Somebody has to drive the bus. I cannot continue to hope to better the life of the lower class. I think that it is foolish to believe that everyone has the skills and will-power to become financially free. I've shaped my blog hoping to reach out to people whose financial life is in turmoil. I no longer believe that this is possible. I do believe that the people who do have the will-power to become financially free will break out of the "rat race" regardless of whether or not I had a blog to help them get through. I think that it is more important to be a good example, sharing with the many, my story of how I came to be financially free. This is a drastic change in perspective, from what I originally had planned for this blog. My motto is still the same, but my perspective of how I will share this with the world has changed tremendously.

With that said, I will show by example the financial philosophies that I have "stolen" from the rich. The results will be my story. It's more important that I be a good example than try to share what I know. What I know really means nothing if I don't have the stories to back it up. I can't prove that I can build a spaceship by talking about it; I can get you to follow me, when I bring you rocks from the moon.

I usually would just save a blog like this for myself to read over later, but I think that it is good for me to post it.

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