Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Google is the New Wal-Mart

I started my blog about 2 weeks ago. I have learned so much since then about the internet and how people generate income by the use of it. And as I search and explore what is popular on the internet, the most common factor that I have discovered is Google's universal presence. It is rare that I have ventured on to a website that didn't have a Google logo on it somewhere. In most cases Google was, if not the only, the major source of income for that page through the use of Google Adsense, the Google search engine, or any of the various tools that make the internet more convenient and precious. Google has fully saturated the internet more efficiently than any other one website.

With that in mind, I have been focusing a lot on the time that we live in. With technology advancing at such an exponential rate, we are entering into a time where the internet will be prevalent among everything that we do. We are moving toward a time where we will use our internet window to do everything. We currently can get on the internet and make purchases and deliveries, book vacations and rental cars, look for an apartment or real estate investments, find directions and search for absolutely anything. We are at a time where companies will go out of business if you can't find it on the internet. The internet is fastening itself to everything that we do. I currently can go on the internet and watch movies, look for friends, listen to music, chat, play video games, or an infinite list of other things that keep me entertained. All signs point to a time where people will keep their eyes glued to a computer screen.

As a blogger or website developer, your business is to get as many people as possible to glue their pretty little eyes to your page. The more efficient you are at getting people to pay attention to your site, the more valuable your site becomes. As a blogger, you are looking to gather as many readers as possible. You offer frequent updates to your blog, to ensure that people will return to your page. You capitalize on this effort, by offering businesses a chance to advertise to those readers. This philosophy is shared by all websites. The most successful sites are sites that offer a community that people can become a part of. A site where people log on multiple times a day becomes the sites that create rich founders. Yahoo, Myspace, Youtube, Amazon, eBay are all examples, and the list goes on and on. These websites are successful because millions and millions of people want access to these websites everyday.

Google has capitalized on this concept. I was looking for some unique advertising for my blog. I searched Google for "blog advertising", and the whole first page was littered with ads for Google Adsense. I searched through Yahoo, and the same thing happened. I looked on some other popular blogs to see what they used, and it was easy to see that Google had the internet advertising market well saturated. I searched page after page, and the same results were discovered. Considering the internet has not yet reached its market saturation, I think that Google has smartly positioned itself to become the Wal-Mart or the Microsoft of tomorrow. When this younger generation gets older and expects the internet to ride with them on their hip, I'm sure this will become apparent to the masses.

For those of us with the most popular blogs, generating a couple thousand dollars of income a month through Adsense, imagine how much Google is raking in. I've yet to discover a new web developer without Adsense. And I don't blame them. Adsense is extremely convenient, easy, and accessible to the new web developer. I implemented Adsense on my page and saw immediate results. From my point of view, it is inevitable that Google becomes the next big thing, as if they are not already.

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