Saturday, November 8, 2008

Drip into the Ocean- Quick Study of Consciousness, Subconciousness, and Goal-Setting

Your mind works in mysterious ways. Once you've grasped how your mind works, you can leverage your surroundings to more efficiently accomplish your goals. Your mind is broken up into two realms: the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. If you can understand both of these states of mind, you can accomplish your wildest dreams.

Conscious Mind
Your conscious mind is your way of interacting with your environment. Your everyday tasks, emotions, attitudes, and personality all originate from your consciousness. If you pictured your mind as a computer, this state of mind is what is being outputted to the computer screen. This state of mind is very basic, in the sense that it is limited to the here and now. Your conscious mind lacks the ability and the need to travel beyond your current moment and environment. The present time is all that this state of mind is concerned with. It is crafted to insure that you are in a safe and comfortable environment. One could say that our basic instincts lie within our conscious mind.

Subconscious Mind
Your subconscious mind is where all of the magic happens. This state of mind is not limited to the here and now. Your memory, imagination, and daydreams originate from the subconsciousness. This state of mind is always running in the background. Continuing the computer analogy, this state of mind represents the memory, the processor, and whatever else your computer needs to make it run. Your subconsciousness is constantly recalling information for your consciousness. It is the link between your present state of mind and your memory. The key point to bring up here is that your memory is always fuzzy. For most people, your memory is not exact. Your subconscious adds its own flavor to the recipe, making your memory unique to only you. 20 people can attend the same event, and afterward each would recall the event differently from their own perspective. All of us have lived separate lives, so how we feel about the objects in our environment are different to each of us. While one person watching a TV show about cars might be recalling things he learned in engineering school, another might be recalling his childhood afternoons with his father in their garage.

I say the subconsciousness is where the magic happens, because your subconscious mind can be manipulated. You can corrupt the files in your mind to make your memory, and therefore your future outcome, more desirable. While, you may have never ridden in a fancy car, you can manipulate your subconsciousness into "believing" that you have. If you were to take a picture of yourself in a fancy car, and flood your mind with that picture, by looking at it every hour, your subconsciousness will store that picture in your memory banks; therefore providing a concrete link between that picture and your conscious mind. Your conscious mind, the master of your here and now, will calculate a way to make that picture true. Your consciousness, however, is a slave to your subconsciousness. It simply, and will always, do whatever it is that your subconsciousness asks of it. Once again, your environment is a slave to your consciousness, while your consciousness is a slave to your subconsciousness. Once you fully understand these relationships, your wildest dreams can come true.

Here are some ways of manipulating your subconsciousness:
1. Pictures: A picture is worth a thousand words. Your subconsciousness is tough to crack. For the average person, I'd say the best way to set your goals is with pictures. Find a way to get pictures of yourself doing the things that you want to be doing. If you want to be a professional horseback jockey, get a picture of yourself on a horse. Your subconsciousness can derive a thousand different feelings from a picture, and this is a lot more powerful than words.
2. Dream Board: A dream board is a collage of pictures and inspiring words that you relate to your dreams. Your dream board can consist of a mansion, an expensive car, or maybe even a picture of a college degree. Whatever it is that you dream of, you can put on a dream board, to stimulate your subconsciousness.
3. Association: Another trick of your subconsciousness, is that it is continually trying to become more like the people in your life. It's your minds way of taking the easy way out, and it happens all of the time. You can manipulate your subconsciousness by surrounding yourself with people that you want to be more like. If you want to accomplish more goals, surround yourself with people that accomplish their goals. Look at your surroundings now. More times than not, you are surrounded by people with similar backgrounds and lifestyles as yourself. You won't find a successful doctor, whose 5 closest friends are janitors. Never underestimate that power of association.
4. Repetition: All goal setting and subconscious manipulation involves repetition. Find ways of repeating your goals over and over in your head. Tape a dollar bill over your bed, so you repeat your goal in the morning and at night. Put a rubber band around your finger to remind you. Post post-its throughout your house. Just find a way to repeat your goals to yourself over and over.

Can you think of more ways to manipulate your subconsciousness?

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Vanessa said...

Isn't the subconscious mind amazing?! I have found that vision boards combined with affirmations (clear, definitive statements that something is so) and visualizations to mold my mind. using these tactics, the seed of your goal in your subconscious mind will begin to grow, sprouting a newly developed habit that is oriented towards your desired outcome, or goal.

John Assaraf does a better job of explaining this and showing you how to do it in his new book "The Complete Vision Board Kit." I downloaded the free chapter here at

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