Tuesday, November 11, 2008

3 Steps To Getting What You Want

I am a firm believer that everything is determined by philosophy. Any and everything can be accomplished if you have the right philosophies behind it. And if you lack the right philosophies, though you may shine briefly, your fall is an inevitable outcome. Additionally, I believe that philosophies can be shaped and molded at any moment, but the best philosophies should be held closely for a long while to experience true fruition. So, while the title of this article may seem simple at first glance, the difficulty behind it doesn't lay in its understanding, but in its implementation.

There are 3 steps to getting the things that you want.

The First Step - The first step seems elementary, yet it is commonly overlooked. In order to take control of your life, you must identify how you want to live it. The first step to getting what you want is to decide what it is that you want. Additionally, keeping this one important thing floating in your head is about as effective as telling yourself that you want to go to Mars. You must articulate it in some way. Your mind doesn't separate daydreams from actual goals until you write it down. This study says that only 15% of people actually do this. No wonder the super-rich are so thin in numbers, because most people are skipping the first step.
Picture this initial move toward getting what you want as a question. In a sense, you are asking the universe to come together to help you accomplish your goals. There are some people who believe that you can attract the things you want out of life just by thinking about them. "Like attracts like" in their eyes. I believe that this rings true. If I think about getting into an accident all of the time, you can bet that I will eventually get into an accident. That equation still works with more positive situations. If I simply think about a more positive life, in specific ways, those positive events will find their way to my doorstep.

The Second Step - The second step, while it may seem easy, proves to be the most difficult part of the process, because it requires some leaps of faith. The second step to getting the things that you want is to simply believe. Believe that you have the ability to accomplish your goals. Believe that things will universally work in your favor. Believe in your vision. This step is difficult because, you have to invest in the unseen. The leap of faith it takes to believe that you will own a $9 million home is hard to maintain if you are used to living in a trailer. It is hard to believe that you can be financially free, if you have $80,000 in unpaid credit card debt. So while this step seems easy, it is the most difficult part of the process. I'm afraid there's no way around it though.
The second step may be the one and only reason why people don't even try to live their dreams. Without belief, most people won't even take the first step. Those that have accomplished their dreams never doubted in their abilities. I was watching an interview on CNN with Ted Turner. The reporter asked him if he could think of anything that he wanted to happen in the world that would not happened. Ted Turner, the seasoned visionary, looked dazed and confused. He truly found it hard to think of something in the world that would not go his way. After some self-debate, he finally said "winning an NBA Championship." (Ted Turner no longer owns the Atlanta Hawks) He is a pro at accomplishing step number two. He simply believes that everything he puts his mind to, he will accomplish.
Once you've tackled belief in your dream, inspired action will inevitably follow.

The Third Step - "Act as if . . . ". You must feel, and act as if you have accomplished your wildest dreams. You must feel like a winner, to even have a chance at winning. You don't become 'rich' once you've attained money. You become 'rich' once you've decided to live your life toward that goal. You must act as if you are on the absolute correct path to accomplish your goals. If you really think about it, you are. If you are to ever accomplish anything further in life, you will have to do it from where you are right now. So why not act as if you have the most phenomenal life ahead of you.
It's funny how you're actions change once you've decided where you are going.

These three very basic steps can change your life. If you take this approach to getting the things that you want, I have no doubt that you will accomplish your goals. People are so lost in life most of the time, that they forget to ask: How can I make my life the way that I want it to be? The steps outlined here are efficient enough to intrude on the busiest of schedules.

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Studenomist said...

I can not possibly agree more with this post. I used to feel that certain goals were just too difficult to attain, without actually making a concentrated effort. The key is to envision what you are going after and not to let anything get in your way. Granted, there are many roadblocks on the road to success, but no one said it would be easy..

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