Saturday, October 4, 2008

Qualities of a Millionaire

Now that the dust has settled and you know my financial starting point, I’d like to point out some developmental characteristics and philosophies that I have nurtured over my life. See, these characteristics are the reason that I am able to share this moment with you right now. My mental and philosophical development is vastly more important than my monetary reality. I am a firm believer that your mind is in more control of your reality than you realize. The power that rest in between your ear lobes is sufficient enough to pull the strings necessary to land you behind bars or behind a desk. Your interpretation of your situation is more your reality than the actual reality.

As a kid, I daydreamed allot. I was constantly questioning my situation, focusing in on details and asking why, letting my mind wonder off into endless possibilities about the future. As a kid, nothing was impossible for me. I’m sure most kids can relate. What changes in adulthood for most is that reality starts to poison your imagination. When you wonder about your future, instead of seeing endless possibilities, your mind begins to limit itself, eliminating those possibilities that are harder to manifest. In adulthood, as my peers begin to focus in on their life, I find it hard to not ask myself: what does it take to be different make it to the top? This mental block that most people begin to exhibit doesn’t exist for me. I’m assuming in order make it to the top (from wherever you are) you must confront this mind trick and not allow it to limit your dreams.
I have always had a desire for learning. In high school, I was constantly reading and strived to take on a tougher class load. I embarked on the International Baccalaureate Program to challenge myself further in high school. This passion for learning has never left me. As I get older, and technology gets more advanced, I find myself addicted to Google searches and Wikipedia articles. Again, I assume to follow me on this trip, you must have a passion for learning and bettering yourself constantly.

I believe that anyone can improve these qualities and that these are the main qualities of success: the ability to dream big, and the yearning for improvement and knowledge.

I will follow this up shortly with some quick steps I made to change my financial situation for the better.

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