Saturday, October 18, 2008

Philosophical Saturday - What's Next For Us?

What's next?
Termed the Information Age, we live today in a world where information is exchanged literally at the speed of light. One can log on and instantly link up with strangers from all around the world in a matter of seconds. The only thing slowing you down is your ability to get the information from your mind to your finger tips. We have evolved to a point where every inch of the Earth is networked or linked, together. I can indulge in a wealth of information with just the slightest ponder. Between Google and Wikipedia, I have successfully eliminated television from its bulky interruption of my busy schedule. I have replaced my television time with hours and hours of info digging, constantly googling any and everything that I may ponder. I can instantly gratify my mind with answers and entertainment of any sort. I write this today to ask you what's next? What comes after this Information Age? If we are at the peek of this wonderful time, and growing closer and closer to the peak of the Technological Age, what could possibly drive us into and through the next renaissance?

Can you imagine a world without money?
As we struggle to find different ways to define our existence, we will eventually let loose of our ridiculous urges to collect and show off material things. This will become more and more apparent as we enter into this time of recession, and the gap grows between those who are "recession-proof" and those who are "recession-burdened". Some people have made the right decisions and are prepared to avoid the price hikes of literally everything. Prices will continue to increase on every single commodity as the economy continues to plummet, but some will be able to survive and even profit through these "hard" times. On the other side of the fence, most people will suffer through these economic downfalls, waiting for a solution to their problems to come in the form of new government and leadership that may (but may not) solve all of their financial worries. And that's exactly what they'll continue to do . . . wait, while things continue to get worse and worse. There are two ways to fight poverty. The easiest and most obvious way is to put money into the hands of those who are in the most need of it. This will temporarily calm the waters. The only problem with this is, the mentality that drove us into the recession is still prevalent. The other solution to poverty, I imagine, is to eliminate the idea of poverty. To rid people of this ego-trip of collecting more and more things, we would first have to supply basic needs to everyone, without the use of the marketplace. Eliminate the paradigm of supply and demand, by having one organization supply the basics needs for everyone. (No I'm not promoting communism). Society would then have to shift into a time where money no longer was the driving force behind all of its actions. People focus on money because they are directed to by way of survival. With the absence of money, poverty could be eliminated. What do you think?

Can knowledge really be power?
I believe that we are moving into a time where individual minds will reach a new platform of enlightenment. Our basic paradigms of life will be broken down and humans will enter into a time of enlightenment. As our financial sorrows continue to build up, people will begin to question the validity of this financial quest we all seem to embark on. We will then look to other ways to fulfill our need to be driven. People will begin to focus on another driving force. What is the one and only thing that you can enjoy to no end and share amongst everyone without ever worrying about its depletion? Knowledge. Enlightenment. As one grows wisdom, he can share his wisdom without ever losing any of it. It is only natural to want to learn. Learning should continue throughout life. It is unnatural to stop learning. We are coming to a time where enlightenment will be the focus of all. Knowledge will be the overall driving force of the entire human population. What a time it will be? What do you think?

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