Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Personal Development Wednesday - "Making Other Money"

Personal Development Wednesdays (P.D. Wednesdays) will be showcased as the day to embark on personal development! (. . . obviously) This will be my way of showing the world that education should never stop. People should continue to learn more and more about the things that they care about. Education is a never ending journey, that I love to be apart of.
I will showcase a book every Wednesday. Befittingly, I will start with a book that opened my eyes to the way in which I think about earning my income. A good book to begin your journey to financial freedom is Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki.

Kiyosaki has enlightened millions with his unique way of enlightening folks to the rich way of thinking about money. While sometimes quite jarring (breaking the monotony of average thinking), Rich Dad Poor Dad is a tremendously useful tool to learn some new ideas about money. Once you read this book, you will never look at your financial situation the same. Rich Dad Poor Dad is the first of a series of books about attaining financial freedom by Robert Kiyosaki.

This week's theme is "Making Other Money". By other money I mean money outside of your job. People rarely brainstorm other ways of generating income besides that of which they are used to. The most common way of earning a living is working a job. As I've discussed previously, this is an extremely wasteful way of utilizing your time. Your time is the most valuable thing that you have to offer. Use your time wisely and you can accomplish anything.

This week I will focus on learning more about generating other forms of income. I set a small goal of making an extra $75 dollars within a month.
Set a low monetary goal with a date by which you'd like to accomplish it. Write it down. Brainstorm ways in which you can accomplish this goal. Once you've accomplished this goal, set a higher goal. Learn from your previous experience and repeat.

Happy P.D. Wednesday!

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Robert said...

Good book. Had a college professor recommend it so I went out and purchased a copy. I have read it twice now and really is an easy, simple read about finances that is still entertaining and not boring. I stumbled across your blog from FMF, and I will follow up and check your progress! Keep up the good work!


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